Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hockey Anyone?



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The following may be boring to some; but fun information for others. If you have an aversion to Hockey, read further at your own risk ... LOL

We played the Chicago Wolves and Josh (our goalie) was back in the crease. He seemed a bit slow starting off, but after two soft goals he was up and became "the wall". (Note: Josh Harding was hurt playing the Utah Grizzlies and had a grade 3 concussion) We were down 2 - zip, when in the second period Brandner slid face first across the ice to catch a missed opportunity and slide it in behind their goalie (yes I know their names, just too lazy to look up the oppositions names to check for spelling ... LOL!)

Bouchard slammed home a goal and then with less than a minute left in the period and tied 2-2, Brent Burns (Burnzie) caught a pass from across the front of the net and stuck it in for the game winning goal! On a side note, team captain and one of my fave players, Kirby "Sheriff" Law had two assists.

To top it off, Dillon and my fave player, Derek "Boogeyman" Boogaard saw quite a bit of ice time during the game. At one point he "checked" an opponent into the half wall in front of the "visitors" bench. The "Wolf Pack" gathered up to make sure their player was ok and three of the players began to give Boogeyman a hard time. All of them backing off except for Kip Brennan, who ended up on the losing end of a bout of fistacuffs.

All in all, it was a fast paced, action filled evening that ending with the home team winning! Who could ask for anything more!?!

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That is cool CONGRATS I hope Aunt Levern and Uncle Allen had fun to