Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's That Smell?

This past weekend, some friends and I went to San Antonio. The main reason for the trip was to watch our Houston Aeros play the San Antonio Rampage at the SBC Center Sunday night; but if you know us, you know we had to do a bit of shopping too!

We drove (well actually Patricia drove) to San Antonio in a constant downpour. Only to arrive at the hotel to discover that our rooms were not all close together, as we were told they would be. Then we are informed that only one room is ready and they would call us when the other one was done. So we all sat up in the one room … starving … waiting on that phone call. An hour later, the room was done and we had extended checkout for free the next day because of the inconvenience.

The Hard Rock cafĂ© was our next stop that evening and we had a great time and celebrated Kristin’s 16th birthday! Woooo Hoooo Kristin!!! The next day, we had a bite for breakfast and rode the trolley to Market Square for a bit of touristy shopping. We stopped at Margarita’s for lunch (the food was absolutely fantastic) and then headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before heading out to the game.

We were a bit leery walking through the parking lot of the SBC center … not having been to an opponent’s arena before and of course we were proudly wearing our Aeros' jerseys! Thank Goodness, no one accosted us in the parking lot … no rude comments … everyone was nice. We found our seats (right behind the Aeros bench) and were ready and pumped for the game to start.

Karen and I decided to take a break and grab a soda, so up the stairs we went. Of course, graceful as I am, on the way back to our seats, I mis-stepped, veering off into the seats to my left, whacking my thigh good …. LOL! … like some daft drunk! {may I say, big BIG bruise} I’m sure the Rampage fans around us were like, “Oh great that Aeros fan is already drunk!!!”

So then we are all sitting right behind the bench and individually we are thinking, “Oh Gawd! What is that smell?!” At that point we realize that it’s the players and their sweaty, stinky (apparently not washed) uniforms! Honestly, I don’t see how they do it! The stench wafting through the cracks between the glass was so overpowering it was nauseating! We talked it over and decided that they probably didn’t have time to wash them since they had three road games, in a row, in three different states. Still ….

Pheeeeeewwwwweeeeeeeee it STUNK! ROFLMAO!

On the way home, we were discussing the game and the players. We talked about how we couldn’t see much of the game while sitting directly behind the players; but how it was interesting to see their reactions during the game and to hear some of their comments. {Veilleux ... temper, temper ... LOL} When the light bulb went on, (over our heads, like a cartoon character), all at the same time. If … if we could hear the players, then {gulp} they could hear US!!!!

OH SHIT! Now you know that we were spouting off about how stinky they were … right? LOL! But what you didn’t know is that since we were so close to the players and couldn’t see much of the game … uhmmm … there were comments made like, “Wow! He is kinda cute isn’t he?” … and things of that nature.... Geeeez!

So now we are all embarrassed, laughing and trying to remember what other embarrassing comments we may have made. When Vickie pipes up, “Oh NO! I said the Wally thing!” We all laughed soooo hard that we almost made ourselves sick. Vickie says that Wally has a pretty face and perfect skin … so, during almost every game, when the opposing players start getting physical with him, she always shouts, “Don’t hit Wally in the face.” Yep, you guessed it! She yelled that out during the game! Poor “Wally” if that was heard, I bet the guys ragged him all the way home! {snicker}

So anyway, we had many laughs all the way home. We had fun and have many humorous memories of this past weekend. The funniest moment? When we drove through a stretch of highway with an ungodly odor permeating the vehicle … someone said, “Oh no what’s that smell? Someone check the back, I think we have an Aeros stow-a-way!” {laugh, snort, gasp, laugh}

NOTE: This pictures posted before this are of the game (Aeros vs. Rampage) on February 28, 2005.

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