Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Ok, a quick update on Michaela ... who is doing fine! Well her mom get's her to the Dr.'s office and he can not get the cyst out of her ear, so they send her to day surgery. What do they find when they finally get out the cyst? The cyst is actually a light colored rock that was resting up against her eardrum ... OUCHIE!

Anyway, they got it out and she is doing great, just in time for her baby brother's 2nd birthday! Peanut's (Michaela's brother) birthday was a blast and enjoyed by all. The theme was Thomas the Train and he had such a great time! Of course he received lots and lots of trains from everyone. One of the best gifts though was a gravel pit made by his Pappy and Mom, filled by his family and lot's of the nice metal Tonka dozers, backhoe etc for loads of playing!

Isn't that just the perfect gift for a little boy?!? Actually though all of the kids, at one time or another, were in the pit playing with the "heavy" equipment. One question that was heard was ... why rocks? Well, his mom thought about it long and hard and with cats in the family and in the neighborhood, she really didn't wanna make a spa sized litter box ... LOL! She figured that small gravel would be just as much fun and more sanitary!

It was a beautiful day and most of the family was there. You know, one of those nice days, where you can just sit outside, watch the kids play and chat for hours!

Those days ROCK!

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Carol said...

Come on over to EJ's Mom's blog and see the birthday party!!