Tuesday, October 25, 2005


To say that I was excited about going to see Billy Idol is an understatement ... I had a slight buzzing high all day in anticipation. Of course being ME I was running a bit late as I zoomed down the block to pickup my good friend Ang.

I had made prior arrangements to use a friend's (person who bought the tickets) camera phone ... but when we left she was not home. She had left to run some errands expecting to be back in plenty of time and it didn't happen.

When we arrived at Verizon Theatre there weren't very many people there; but as it got closer and closer to show time they began showing up. The turnout still wasn't quite what I expected, but HEY the Astros were playing in the World Series ... to some there may have been a choice to make as to what to do with their Saturday night, WRONG choice peoples. You missed BFI to watch the Astros lose a WS game!?!

Billy and the band hit the stage and time fled as he rocked his way through 2.5 hours. It was a fantastic show! He sang songs from GenX, from the 80's, his new stuff (which was quite good), a couple of covers, and lyrics put to existing music about the Katrina victims. The song about the Katrina victims appeared to have been recently completed, as he sang the lyrics straight off of a handwritten piece of paper.

So I was a bit bummed about not having the camera phone ... but when we got back to the truck later that night I realized that we have .... AUDIO BLOGGER on here! Not only do I have the AB number saved to my cell phone, but I had the damn phone in my pocket ... grrrrr! I was sooo mad at myself ... geeez what an idiot ... hmmm, guess I'm still a bit peeved at myself.

Anyway, the music was rockin' HOT ... but one of the nicest surpises was when this 50 year old rocker peeled off his sweaty tee to expose Oh so nicely defined abs, chest and arms. Damn! And he's 50?

The music was better than ever ... I could have stood one my feet for another 2.5 hours ... Billy sounded great and OoooWeee that man works out! I wouldn't have missed it and I'm so thankful that my friend did this for me.

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