Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Wanna make a snowman!!!!

I haven't posted anything in a bit, not because I haven't had anything to post, I just couldn't seem to make myself open up blogger and do it! I been a procrastinating lazy slug-a-bug couch potato.

There's been alot going on this year ... I would like to say like a rollercoaster; but while I remember all the stomach dropping, breath taking lows, I just don't remember many make you light-headed highs ... would be a damn sucky rollercoaster.

Things I wanna post about and plan to do soon:

1. My Dad - an update

2. Dillon's 14th Birthday

3. My Mom

4. Having a December Bday

Anyway, I received a buttload of Calvin and Hobbs comics from a friend {waves hi to Rebekah} and I've decided to share one with you every weekday or so from now til Christmas. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have/do.

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