Friday, January 28, 2005

*** TGIF ***

Thank Goodness it's Friday! This weekend has seemed neverending and I would like nothing more than to go spend about 12 hours in bed with a few good books ... but of course as all of you other parents know, that is not likely to happen... LOL! Actually, Dillon and I have a full, busy weekend planned.

Tonight we (dad, Dill and I) are going out to eat seafood with a friend (waves hello to Carol) and her family. I'm looking forward to going to this restaurant, as quite a few people have raved about it; but I've never been there. After dinner, I'm either going to go over to Carol's house or do the dreaded laundry at home. :D Geeez, I hate laundry!

Saturday morning (late morning lol) it's off to the grocery store. Then it's back home to get ready and go to my oldest niece's birthday party. Then I'll have to leave the party and drive across town to my Aunt's house and pick her and my Uncle up, to go to the hockey game ....
GO AEROS!!!!!!!!

Dillon and I are staying the night with my Aunt and visiting another Aunt Sunday for Sunday lunch. We will then head for the house and probably fall out on each of the two sofas at the house ... LMAO! We will play couch potato for what is left of the day and try to force ourselves to do a bit of housework. COS - You know the older I get the more I realize that a [sterile] perfectly clean home is a sign of insanity .... a bit mussed home is a home that's truly lived in!

Somewhere in this full weekend, I need to dye my hair ... what you thought this was natural?!? ::snicker:: ... and ask my friend Carol to cut it for me. Wish me luck and have a gloriously fantastic weekend ... even if you never leave the bed (BIG GRIN)!

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HarleyHoney said...

Yes I can sempithise with you it is my daughters party you are coming to and I will be very busy to with her having a sleep over and all. Wish your team luck and you to on the driving. HUG - N- Kisses to every one up there