Thursday, January 27, 2005

Place "stress dot" here!

Today at work, we had a Wellness Festival. The "Festival" showcased vendors and physicians from our area, covering things like physical fitness to eye care. There was a chiropractor, a dental group, three eye centers and they had testing for your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure. An area was set up for blood donations and there were booths set up for the vendors who carry our employee benefits.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite informative and that there were many services that I was eligible for that I had no idea existed! I gathered much information, some little promotional goodies and had a good time. One nifty item that was handed out, was a "stress dot." This small dot is placed on your hand, and similar to a mood ring changes colors when your very stress free (blues), mildly stressed (greens) and severely stressed (orangey earth tones).

I laughingly mentioned that I should probably place mine on my forehead, so that co-workers could tell immediately when to go the other direction and leave me the bleedin 'ell alone! ... LMAO!

Actually, my blood pressure was good and my stress levels have been blue and green allllll day! :D


Carol said...

Yeah, I thought the "festival" was good too, the animal cookies are really, Hey, I lost my stress dot, it fell think that means anything?????

HarleyHoney said...

That sounds cool and fun. I am glad you had a good day.