Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Doing the HAPPY Dance!!!

*does the happy dance around and around*

I got my truuuuuck .... I got my truuuuuuck ... laaast niiiiiiight! Wooo Hoooo!

My truck looks beautiful and Mr. Tony did a wonderful job. I even drove to town last night to do a few errands ... :D I'm looking forward to this weekend and the driving I'm gonna be doing! I told my son to enjoy it while he can, because the new will wear off quickly and I'll revert back to the "never leave the house" slug! LOL!

Well, I've tried a couple of times to blog the past week, to end up with it lost in space somewhere. I seem to be having the absolute worst luck with computers here lately ... LOL! So here I am trying ... trying again. If this one doesn't save, GRRRRRRRR *shakes fist at computer* I'll throw this bugger out the window! Uhmmm, I'm just kidding ... really I am.

Hmmm, ok well I think this is it for today ... catch'ya on the fly!



Anonymous said...

this is Moon from the LKH [bitch fest] web site. ;)
I stopped by to [stalk you] read your blog.. Im glad you got your truck back!

HarleyHoney said...

I am so glad for you. I know how happy you are I am going to get mine fixed in the next day ot 2...........