Monday, January 17, 2005

It's Monday *sniffle* and I miss my .... TRUCK!

Seriously! I think I'm going through withdrawals. Two weeks! My truck has been in the body shop for TWO weeks! I've always been pretty much a "homebody", but I find myself thinking of places I think I need to go. Then I remember that my truck is not there, and I'm like, "Oh nevermind!"

Oh, how I long for the days I could walk out the door, jump in my truck and take off wherever I wanted to go!

Alas, it is my own fault. Around Christmas I had a wee accident with a concrete column ... all my fault, the column never saw it coming. LMAO! After wading through the questions and paperwork with the insurance company and then the adjustor ... it was off to the body shop. My father, who is disabled and lives with me, has a car ... I carpool with my best friend and co-worker ... so I thought, "why waste money on a rental?" I know that if I want or need to go do something that I can use my Dad's car .... or even my friend's car, who lives next door.

"So just what is your problem?", you say. It's just not the same! Not only did I not realize how much I would miss MY truck; :( but when I called the body shop today, I was told that it definetly would not be done til at least the end of the week.

NOooooooo! I need my truck!

I'm tired, stressed and depressed over financial stuff, I miss the freedom of my truck, and I've apparently been rude to my best friend today ... and ... and ... *pout* ... and's MONDAY! Aarrrrrrgh! I hate Mondays!

aka: phsymom
aka: Karen


HarleyHoney said...

I totaly understand and by the way hi sis

Carol said...

LMAO.....Well best friends forgive, but trucks and columns don't.....oh but you know that, right? LOLLOLLOL......learn to drive, girl, damn!!