Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

OK, it's Valentine's Day .... where is my chocolate damnit?!?! I want my chocolate and I want it now! OH! {smiles as co-worker drops off handfull of Valentine's chocolate at desk} 'Scuse me for a moment while a peel some foil ... LOL!

Mmmmmm, ok that's much better. Now I can focus and concentrate .... you ladies understand, right? {looks over at chocolates} Hold on just a second ... {grabs another one, peeling the foil quickly} Hmmmm, ok where was I ... Oh yeah focusing.

This weekend a group of friends and I went out to a little dive North of town to listen to the band and play some pool. Well, they played pool ... I talked to everyone, danced a bit and people watched. Anyway, I had a very good time ... even if I was designated driver. {big grin} Yep, that was me this time ... so no tequila shots for me!

{reaches over and quickly unwraps another piece of chocolate}

Well ... uhmmm .... I just wanted to drop a line wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's ... gotta go finish off this chocolate before it's time to head home! LMAO!

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