Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Pain In The ....

BOOB … I know that many of you could care less about this; but for most women it’s a very scary situation and of course the first thing that pops into your head is the dreaded “breast cancer”! So, below is my story of my “Pain in the Boob.”

Saturday morning as I rolled over in my sleep, I was awakened by a sharp stabbing pain in my left breast. Woke me out of a damn nice dream too! OK, well after some self-examination, I could not find a knot, any discoloration, an insect bite or anything which might appear to have caused the sharp pains; but everytime I touched that area … YEEEOOOW!

I sat down and thought about the previous week and previous day, trying to remember anything that I could possibly have done to “damage” myself … nope … nothing. So I popped some “make the pain go away” medicine, continued on with my day and attended a Hockey game that night. It seems that the outing brought on a dull ache that wouldn’t go away. I took a bit more medicine when I got home and attempted to sleep.

The next day (Sunday) the dull ache was a bit more insistant, as were the sharp pains, so I did as little as possible (yeah, I know, you’re surprised …right?), took pain medication, and attempted to cat-nap. I woke up Monday feeling a bit better and having plans with my friend for at least ½ the day … I woke, dressed and we hit the road. By the afternoon, I was hurting again and on my way home (on denial lane) for much needed pain medication and a nap.

OK, so apparently the pain is NOT going away! I broke down and made a doctors appointment for Tuesday. Yes, I know it took me three whole days .. I kept hoping it would go AWAY!

So Tuesday, my sister comes over to ride with me to the doctors office.

… Let me take a moment here to tell you that this is a wonderful office with peaceful décor, calming atmosphere, soothing music and spa-like bathrobes to wear!…

{big sigh} OK, back to the doctor. I’m examined and she tells me that apparently the tissue in my breast is inflamed … yep, that’s right inflamed. She says that she doesn’t think it’s anything else; but that we will schedule a mammogram just to be safe. So here I sit, taking anti-inflammatories since Tuesday and entering my scheduled mammogram into my calendar.
I still have the upcoming mammogram to get through and as you ladies know, that is PAINFUL! Geez, I mean surely with technology they could find some other way to do this!?! The appointment is March 1st; and I’m sooo NOT looking forward to the experience; but I’ll make sure and post how it goes.

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