Wednesday, June 15, 2005


It's so freakin hot here right now! Last night we were tantalized and teased by the sounds of thunder ... the smell of moisture in the air ... but no rain ... none! It's so humid that when you walk outside it feels as if someone has wrapped you in an invisible caccoon of hot, wet cloth. Forget leaving the house, because if you do you must deal with the body searing heat occupying your vehicle. You drive to town, not ME ... nuh uh! No Way! There's nothing there I need that bad! Of course reality intrudes and there is some plausible reason why you must leave your air conditioned abode and trek to town.

Rain, that's what we need ... rain! A huge thunderstorm to cool things down. I wrote a bit describing a storm to a marine stationed in Iraq. He had mentioned in a letter that he believed that he had forgotten what rain felt like. This is what I wrote:

Standing out on the covered deck….I look up and see the trees dancing in an ever increasing wind. Off in a distance, I hear the long, deep rumble of thunder. The sound and percussion rolls across me and I shiver. Slowly the light seeps away, the darkness creeping in, suddenly I notice the darkness in wonder. The air feels thick, dense and expectant. Without warning large drops of rain begin falling rapidly from the dark sky. Large, shimmering drops that make loud cracking noises on every surface…falling faster and faster. So dense is the rain, that it appears as if I'm surrounded by a silver, hissing, crackling fog. The temperature drops quickly and I shiver slightly. Rain runs in silver rivulets down every surface…meeting and merging into larger streams…seeking the ground. My bones hum with the power of the storm.

Slowly I realize that the rain is easing, as see glimpses of grass and trees in the distance. Then the smell envelopes me. Green and fresh it surrounds me, tickling my nose. Hesitantly as the rain slows to a trickle, the sounds of life begin. A bird chirps in a tree and a squirrel runs down a limb, scolding the storm moving on, off in the distance. I sit back in a chair, closing my eyes and inhaling deeply…listening to the sounds in the stillness after the storm….renewed, refreshed and invigorated.

Geeez! We need something to cool things down and I'm thinking maybe it should be some RAIN!

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