Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Countdown: 52 days

It's only 52 days until the opening game of the AHL season for the Houston Aeros! Woooo Hooooo! (left: #31 Derek Boogaard, SCORE! below: Dillon and goalie Josh Harding) Dillon and I are anxious to see who our players will be this year!

I know, I know yesterday I was pretty bummed; but I feel much better today. What happened you say? I just know you are saying that, right? Well, I'll tell you ....

I have a post somewhere below concerning how to deal with telemarketers. Guess who called me last night? You Got It! We had just gotten home from dinner (Tex/Mex Yummmmm) and the phone started ringing. The caller ID showed that it was one of those telecom companies, that seems to call my house alot.

Laughing maniacly I ran for the phone; because you know this one time they would have hung up after 5 rings instead of 55. Grapping the phone, I paused to catch my breath and then pressed the answer button. Oh internet peoples, it was freakin hilarious. They asked for me and I asked who they were ... then covering the phone with my hands I said off to the side, "Damnit, we have shoe covers use them, you're tracking blood on the carpet!"

I returned to the phone and began to question the telemarketing about the call and how they new the "victim". There was a shocked silence and then in a stuttering voice the man explained how their calls were automated and that he called whatever number popped up next on his screen. I again placed my hand over the phone and spoke off to the side, "OK, bag'er up we're done." Returning to the phone, I said, "Well young man, I suggest you have a conversation with your supervisor and have this number removed from automation." I thanked him for his time, hung up the phone and giggling to myself began putting up laundry.

Did I go to far? Not far enough? I do not believe I caused any permanent harm and probably gave the guy a "story" to regale his friends with for weeks! For myself, I keep grinning like a loon at odd moments and maybe, just maybe they will never call my house again.

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