Monday, August 15, 2005

Is this a hair in my cereal?

You know what? Today SUCKS! Yes today, right at this moment my life SUCKS! I normally keep my posts upbeat and clean .... you know boring ... but I decided after perusing many other blogger's posts this past month ... fuckit! I'll let it all out! The only person who knows me that I know for sure stops by here occasionally is my best friend. We've known each other for over 30 years; so I'm guessing she already knows me pretty damn well by now. Too well to be shocked or offended by anything I have to say. As for for the rest of the internet, I don't know you, but "Hey!"

What is the straw on this camel's back or the piss in my Post Toastie's cereal? Money ... yes Money ... the root of all evil. I'm not gonna post any details; but suffice to say I screwed up my finances but good! The past two and half months have consisted of trips back and forth to the hospital and two major surgeries for my dad, who lives with me. He is home, doing better and just when I begin to see the light of day ... WHAM! I screw up BIG TIME!

{deep breath}

I know everything's gonna be ok ... it's just gonna take me longer than I planned. Crap! Ok. OK, I'm gonna quit whining now and get back to work.

Wow! Venting, it helps ... or maybe it's the thought that my friend is gonna take me out for a few drinks ... hmmmm? I'm leaning toward the drinking ... but Hey I could be wrong.

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