Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Life Update

Well it's been another long period with no postings. No reason other than I've just been reading lots of other blogs and not concentrating on my own. Because of the long time span between posts, I thought I just talk about how the fam's doing.

First there's my dad, the 69 yr old grump of the family that we lovingly call "The Grouch." He is doing pretty good. No hospital visits for over 6 months. Hooraayy! He's on his oxygen more and more lately and it saddens me to see him being able to do less and less. This bothers him, because he's always been "the man" of the house and feels useless now sometimes. I try to ask him to do some little something every day or so for me. Then I make sure and tell him thank you for helping me so much ... it helps him to feel better.

Then there is my son, who hit the brick wall of puberty this year in a head on collision. Attitude {rolls eyes} good Lord where do they get these attitudes! This year so far has included co-ed outings and one small party at our house. Watching the awkwardness of pubescent teenagers was horribly painful and funny at the same time. He's growing out of his clothes as soon as we get them home from the store and is now taller than me ... ack! To top everything off, he has probably failed two of his classes this year ... the summer and next school year is just going to be so much fun. You can tell this is sarcasm, right?

As for me, I'm doing ok. January saw me in the hospital for a week and I've been diagnosed with gastric paresis. What is that? Well it's where the large muscle of your stomach quits working. So needless to say I'm still having many medical issues. However I'm trying to stay upbeat and focused. The main issue right now is the fatigue, God I'm tired all the time. I just don't think many people, unless they are in the same boat, can truly understand what it means to feel exhausted every waking moment of every day. To never feel rested and complete. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel though. In my online Sjogren's group someone mentioned some meds they are taking to battle fatigue. I'm definetly going to by asking my rheumatologist about them at my next appt. Wish me luck!

The rest of my family is doing pretty well. I have a sister, BIL and three neices who are all doing well. My best friend is doing ok and has a new man in her life ... you go girl! Everyone seems to be doing ok, time to take a few deep breaths before the next wave.