Friday, October 20, 2006


It's been a very long time since I last posted. No excuses, I've just not made the time to do so. However I read something today, that had me holding my breath and thinking/knowing that someone else does know exactly how I feel. The following is a portion of the blog posting today at Dad Gone Mad ....

"... I remember me. I remember the me I was before this bullshit. I remember being alert and alive and accountable. I remember when I could get through a day without a pill, or the need to put my head down on the desk, or the sight of the collateral damage wrought by something I can't seem to control. All I want is to recapture that old me. But I feel as though I'm running in sand."

I take a deep breath and reread it again ... my chest tightens and my head begins to pound. I reach in my drawer, take my pills, lean over my desk placing my head in my hands and I pray ... just pray that things will get better so I can breathe.