Monday, August 29, 2011


Dad and I saw the specialist last Thursday and she went over all of his test results with us.  She believes that Dad has Parkinson's and said that Dad needs to go see a regular Neurologist.  She said that in some rare cases that Parkinson's can include hallucinations/dementia.  I've spent the last few days pouring over medical websites and have found mention of this in only a few places.  Parkinson's Disease Foundation says this, "cognitive issues, such as memory difficulties, slowed thinking, confusion and in some cases, dementia".

The specialist is sending her report to Dad's PCP and a copy to us.  As soon as his PCP gets the copy, we will see if we have to go in and see them first, or if they will go ahead and start working on the referral to the neurologist.  Neither Dad of I are looking forward to all the doctor visits and test, but at least we have a starting point now.

The absolutely hardest part of the entire meeting, was the doctor explaining to Dad that he is no longer considered competent to make his own financial and medical decisions.  Whew that was very emotional for both of us.  My Dad is so independent and is struggling to hang on to as much of it as possible.

So now there are some legal issues to take care of.  Actually Dad seems more at ease with that aspect of things.  What is getting his goat is that I have to watch him take his meds now.  He absolutely hates that.  He kept taking it before I got in there.  I think we may have it worked out now, at least I hope so.

Well I have lots of catchup work to get done today, so I had better stop here.  We appreciate your well wishes, blessings and prayers.

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