Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I don't have much time today as I am swamped at work, but wanted to post a couple of updates.

1.  First of all we finally received all the paperwork on the 5 hour neurological testing that Dad had taken almost a month ago.  My Aunt L is coming tomorrow to take Dad into his regular doctor.  The visit is to go over the results and to start the referral process with his insurance company.  The referral will be to go see a geriatric neurologist to verify and treat the Parkinson's.  I hope that the doctor will be able to help some with the symptoms.

2.  Myrtle (my truck) only needed new battery cables and a new battery.  Not too awfully much money and WoooHooo, she's back on the road.  However my car now needs to have the plugs and cables changed out on it.  :(

3.  I'm feeling pretty good this week and the weather is wonderful.  This past weekend was beautiful, it makes me wish I had a large table outside on the porch to sit and eat supper.

I hope you are all have a good week.

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