Monday, October 17, 2011

Kidney Stone

Need I say more?  Really?  Well ok...

Friday, Oct 7th I woke up with a radiating pain in my abdomen.  With all the digestive and other medical issues I have, I didn't think much of it.  I took some pain meds, got ready and D and I headed into work.  I was driving that morning and on the hour drive in, it was getting worse and worse.  As we got close to my job, D suggested that I just pull into the ER.  I said no, it will get better, you go on to school and if it keeps hurting I'll let you know and you can pick me up early when you get out of school.

Two hours later D told me "I told you so Mom."  As the pain steadily increased I became nauseous and then became a permanent fixture in the restroom.  A friend and co-worker agreed to take me to the local ER and off we went.  As I was triaged and waiting to go in the back I told her to go on back to work I was fine.  Uh huh, right.

When they called me into the back and started poking and prodding on my abdomen, it got worse.  It steadily increased until I wasn't sure if I could hold still and be quiet any longer.  I've seen those ER shows on TV where the person in pain is sort of thrashing around, crying and begging ... that was almost me ... SERIOUSLY.  I was that close and then my blessed nurse injected pain meds into my IV.  It didn't knock me out or make the pain completely go away but it was bearable.

Honestly peeps, I have NEVER had anything hurt this bad besides labor ... NEVER.

Anyway, I was admitted and they kept an eye on me til late afternoon Sunday, when they released me to go home.  I saw a urologist and because I do not have any infection (no fever), I'm having no nausea and the pain has never reached that intensity again they want me to wait ... wait and see if it will pass. O_o

I was out all last week because I don't do well with strong pain meds and mine were fairly strong.  There is no way I could concentrate on work, not even to do anything from home.  Friday, I started halving the meds and was able to do some work.  I was planning on going in this morning, but all last night I alternated between freezing cold and sweating.  No fever though, how strange.  It finally eased up and I was able to rest.  

So now I'm aiming for tomorrow.  I hope to be at work at least for most of the day.  I have followup visits and a cardiology visit this week.  I hate it when I'm feeling pretty good, weather is beautiful, life is good ... and then WHAM upside the head!

I hope and pray that you are all doing well and I hope that I will be soon.

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