Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Melancholy Christmas

I thought I was doing better this year, but the "grinchyness" hit me.  I've been battling this "grinchyness" for days now.  Then last Friday, my boyfriends brother-in-law passed away.  It was horrible and sad.  I had not known David for very long, but he was a nice man.  He liked to make people laugh.

He leaves behind numerous people who are grieving his loss.  There's not much I can do for any of them except hug them tight and reassure them that while this will always be painful, it does get better.  Very slowly, but it does.

I lost the kindest, sincerest, loving friend anyone could ever have on December 31st 1999 ... My MOM.  It was devastating and we all had an extremely difficult time in our grieving.  It is still painful sometimes to think about the loss, but it brings a smile to think about my Mom.

David's death has not only brought the loss of a friend and the reality that we are never promised the next day, hour, minute but has opened the wound of the loss of my Mom.  My Mom LOVED Christmas and I should make more of an effort, because I know she would want me to. 

I may not have Christmas decorations up at home; but, I baked this year.  My Granny and Mom both enjoyed cooking and baking, I used to.  So if you stop by, there may be no twinkling lights, but there is my Granny's recipe Pumpkin Bread.

Out dang Grinchyness ... out I say.

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